August/September, 2004   Volume 1, Issue 9   


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From the Desk of Richard Strauss

Welcome to our fall issue of The RadioLand Report. In this issue, our managing director Robert Garcia gives a recap of some of the exciting projects that we’ve had the opportunity to work on this summer.

Next, Jennifer Lucio, our coordinator for Spanish radio, in anticipation of Hispanic Heritage Month that runs September 15 – October 15, gives us an overview of the tools used and the work that we have done for the Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation.

Sean Amore, the longest serving member of our staff, gives us an update on satellite radio. He delves into the growth of both XM and Sirius Radio and their programming changes and their impact on commercial terrestrial radio.

Finally, we have reprinted an article that speaks to the recent growth of the news/talk/sports formats. This article also speaks to the rise of additional format popularities and the decline of others.

As always, if there’s ever anything I can do to personally assist you with any of your radio outreach efforts, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. Of course, any one of our talented and dedicated staff is always available to answer any of your questions.

Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend and we look forward to seeing you again in the next RadioLand Report.

A Postcard from the Beach

By Robert Garcia

It’s been an interesting summer for the SRS family. Proudly, we’ve been working on some the summer’s hottest stories. At the risk of sounding like a family post-card, here are some of the highlights of our decidedly non-vacation-like July and August:

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Strategy Spotlight: Developing & Implementing a Bilingual Year-long Radio Outreach Plan

By Jennifer Lucio

With Hispanic Heritage Month coming up September 15 – October 15, we thought it would be a good time to take a closer look at a case-study of one of our clients that uses a year-long bilingual campaign: The Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation (HHAF). The Foundation uses a multi-tiered approach to radio to promote and publicize a variety of initiatives, including their annual event held at the Kennedy Center.

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The Changing Power of Satellite Radio

By Sean Amore

When Sirius and XM’s satellites were launched deep into earth’s orbit in 2001, very few people really took notice. It seemed the new “format” of radio would interest only those that followed FCC bylaws and ordinances and those convinced an alien vessel would soon inhabit a radio satellite and use it to communicate, “Earth people, you have nothing to fear, but US!”

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News/Talk/Sports Tops Radio Formats,
Interep Analysis Reveals

From time to time, The RadioLand Report will reprint articles about the radio industry that are of relevance to our clients. Below is one of those articles about the different radio formats and listener trends.

The intensely divided electorate and the ongoing war in Iraq appear to be driving more listeners, and more station owners, to talk radio.

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